Urban Fruit

Dried fruit kept simply simple. No added sugar, no preservatives, nothing. All that is done to the fruit is, they are gently bake the fruit so it’s easier to munch on the move. Made from the world’s best fruit,  Urban Fruit only use fresh, ripe, seasonal varieties from wherever they’re at their best for the healthiest, tastiest, purest snack possible.

Just fruit, gently baked to help you get the essential vitamins for a healthy, high-performance lifestyle.

Urban Fruit Dried Fruit

Simply put, these packs are:

100% fresh fruit from wherever the sun is shining

No added sugar, sulphates, preservatives or funny stuff

Gently baked so it’s a bit more delicious and a lot more convenient

1 of your 5 a day per 20g serving

Vegan Friendly

Kosher Friendly

Gluten Free

Typical Values

(per 100g)

(per 35g)

Energy (kJ)1201420
(of which saturates)0g0g
(of which sugars*)57.2g20.0g

*naturally occurring fruit sugars

Find which package type suits your individual needs the most!