7 Simple Rules of How To Build Muscle

Here are the 7 main rules of how to build muscle for beginners. Which exercises do you need to do, what supplements should you be taking and how long does building muscle take? Beginners in the gym don't usually know how to build muscle or what exactly needs to be done. They are often sidetracked [...]

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Top 5 Benefits And Uses Of Siberian Fir Oil

Fir oil has a fresh, woody and natural scent just like the tree that it comes from. If you have ever walked through a forest then you will know this sweet, woody Fir aroma. This smell is often associated with winter and can remind you of the holidays. But did you know that fir oil [...]

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Food For Thought: Improving Mental Health

The awesome benefits of healthy eating are well documented, however less is know about the benefits on the mental health. A balanced, healthy diet in combination with exercise doesn't only improve your mood, reduce stress and make your body healthier on the inside and out. It can also improve your memory, concentration and recollection ability. [...]

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Healthy Snacking Drives Me NUTS

While you may have been told to stay away from nuts and seeds due to their high fat and caloric content, these tasty gems actually contain healthy unsaturated fats, and are truly terrific to include in your diet. They also contain protein, fiber, and plant stanols, which may help lower cholesterol, and antioxidants including vitamin E. So, eating [...]

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Whey Protein – When Should I Take It?

Training hard is guaranteed to produce results, however that is only half of the battle. Nutrition is essential for training. The right foods will boost your progress towards improving strength, endurance, performance, body composition and effective recovery. Protein is made up of amino acids, the building blocks for everything in the body, including tissues, hormones, [...]

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