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All the essentials to supplement your diet and performance in one box!   GAMATRITION is a health and fitness lifestyle brand for those who recognize the quality of a health conscious lifestyle. The products inside our packs range from sports performance focused nutritional supplements to natural, healthy snacks – all put together to create a [...]

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[PRODUCT REVIEW] TREK Protein Flapjack

A flapjack is a traditional British snack that is made from oats, dating back centuries. Today there are many companies on the market, offering ‘high protein’ flapjacks, however we felt that TREK Protein Flapjack by Natural Balance Foods had an edge over their competitors.   Made with gluten free oats, these flapjacks are a 100% [...]

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[PRODUCT REVIEW] TREK Wholefoods Protein Bar

    Brought to you by Natural Balance Foods, a British company with a direct focus on natural and healthy snacks. These protein bars are aimed at fitness and exercise enthusiasts, extending from people who prefer an outdoor setting when training, for example cycling, jogging or hiking to serious gym dwelling weight lifters and [...]

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