Learn Proper Squat Form To Get Stronger

You have to learn proper squat form in order to enjoy the significant benefits of this exercise. Doing barbell squats without learning proper form can result in serious injury. Barbell squats have been the subject of controversy for a long time. Not learning proper squat form can place excessive loads on the lower back and [...]

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Top 5 Benefits And Uses Of Siberian Fir Oil

Fir oil has a fresh, woody and natural scent just like the tree that it comes from. If you have ever walked through a forest then you will know this sweet, woody Fir aroma. This smell is often associated with winter and can remind you of the holidays. But did you know that fir oil [...]

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10 Tips For When You Can’t Sleep

Who doesn't love sleeping? Sleep rejuvenates our minds and bodies. The importance of it goes way past just improving your mood or getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes. But what if you can't sleep? If you can't sleep you will struggle to achieve your training and appearance goals. In this post we [...]

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22 Stretches For Lower Back Pain & Other Muscles

Some people may find stretching to be boring, however it is the single best way to improve your flexibility. An important component of fitness, stretching should always be incorporated into a solid strength and cardio training routine! The stretches documented in this article will help you to reduce muscle tightness and improve your range of [...]

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The Truth About Foam Rolling

Many athletes claim that foam rollers help them to release the built-up tension in their muscles, giving them a greater range of motion (ROM). What actually is it and how does it work? The origins of foam rolling can be traced back to 1960s, when it was a practice conducted by therapists on patients (without [...]

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