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7 Simple Rules of How To Build Muscle

Here are the 7 main rules of how to build muscle for beginners. Which exercises do you need to do, what supplements should you be taking and how long does building muscle take? Beginners in the gym don't usually know how to build muscle or what exactly needs to be done. They are often sidetracked [...]

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Chris Hemsworth Workout – How To Look Like Thor

Chris Hemsworth's workout program for his roles in films like Thor and Avengers is pretty intense. Expect basic strength exercises, functional training and plenty of bodyweight exercises. Chris Hemsworth has always been in good shape with an athletic physique. The actor gained 10 kilograms of muscle back in 2010 for his first appearance as Thor. [...]

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The Best Ab Workout You Can Do At Home

The best ab workout doesn't require any equipment, just your effort and dedication. The recipe for getting those six-pack abs is pretty straightforward - train hard, consume less calories and up your protein intake. But the process of getting abs doesn't happen overnight. First of all, you shouldn't just focus on doing the best ab [...]

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How To Get A Six-Pack Of The Gods

If you are wondering how to get that six-pack of the Gods, you're in the right place. Before setting your goal make sure that you are motivated and bring your best attitude. It takes more than just a bunch of ab exercises to sculpt the perfect six pack abs. When most people ask the question [...]

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The Science Of How To Lose Belly Fat

The desire to lose the excess weight on the belly, the hips and the sides is what pushes millions of people to diet. First, it’s important to understand exactly how your body stores and uses fat. This knowledge will help you to lose belly fat with much less effort. It will also teach you to [...]

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Learn Proper Squat Form To Get Stronger

You have to learn proper squat form in order to enjoy the significant benefits of this exercise. Doing barbell squats without learning proper form can result in serious injury. Barbell squats have been the subject of controversy for a long time. Not learning proper squat form can place excessive loads on the lower back and [...]

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Top 5 Benefits And Uses Of Siberian Fir Oil

Fir oil has a fresh, woody and natural scent just like the tree that it comes from. If you have ever walked through a forest then you will know this sweet, woody Fir aroma. This smell is often associated with winter and can remind you of the holidays. But did you know that fir oil [...]

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10 Tips For When You Can’t Sleep

Who doesn't love sleeping? Sleep rejuvenates our minds and bodies. The importance of it goes way past just improving your mood or getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes. But what if you can't sleep? If you can't sleep you will struggle to achieve your training and appearance goals. In this post we [...]

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Cockroach Milk Is The Next Great Superfood

Cockroach milk is the latest nutritious, non-dairy superfood fad in the world. It may also be the grossest. Cockroach milk is gaining mixed reviews. Some people are labelling it as the best new dairy-free superfood, while others find the idea to be slightly bizarre. While most people will find the idea of cockroach milk to [...]

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22 Stretches For Lower Back Pain & Other Muscles

Some people may find stretching to be boring, however it is the single best way to improve your flexibility. An important component of fitness, stretching should always be incorporated into a solid strength and cardio training routine! The stretches documented in this article will help you to reduce muscle tightness and improve your range of [...]

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