Recognising the quality of a health conscious lifestyle.

About Us

GAMATRITION is a health & fitness nutrition brand started by two health conscious university students and based in the United Kingdom. We created the brand back in 2016 out of frustration for the lack of viable healthy, nutritious and gym-focused snacks.

The idea came about when Gatis Viskers (Director –  LinkedIn - Gatis Viskers), a Sport and Exercise Science student, was dieting to prepare his body for the upcoming summer by trying to shed some of the winter body-fat from the bulk-up phase. As a lover of snacking, the lack of tasty, low-calorie, yet nutrient-dense snacks that are health, fitness and performance focused came as a surprise. This is why we decided to create a balanced combination of convenient, bite-sized nutritional snacks and products to help others who live a healthy, high-performance lifestyle and have experienced the same problem.

It is no longer just about protein. This is why we focused on balancing our selection of products to include all essential nutrients from healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals to fibre and other active ingredients that protect the body!

Our Mission

There are similar companies that do what we do. We all share similar what and how, but our customers choose us, because of our vision and knowledge. We are minds that recognize the value of healthy lifestyle and the positive impact that it has on a person and society as a whole. Our vision is clear – improve public health and knowledge through nutrition and education. We spend each day doing so by improving, inspiring and providing our customers with the tools needed to begin this journey of healthier, better lives.

Our Values

These are the foundations that this company prides itself with and define our work and vision. We hope that you agree, too.


The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet.


We aim to teach you new things regarding training and diet.


There is nothing more motivating than seeing results.


Time and money are both valuable, let us help you save them wherever we can.

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